How To Stop Subscription Hubble Contacts

Contact Lens Subscription

Hubble Contacts is a subscription service supplying its subscribers with the best-quality contact lenses. The first box of Hubble Daily Contacts will cost you only $1. The lenses they offer, contain 55% water and have extra-thin edges, which makes them easy to insert and comfortable to wear. 

Charges & Billing Frequency

How Much Do The Contacts Cost?

  • Hubble USA: $1.00USD for the first box (15 pairs), $ 39.00USD + shipping for each subsequent box (30 pairs), shipped monthly.
  • Hubble Canada: $1.00CAD for the first box (15 pairs), $124.00CAD + shipping for each subsequent box (90 pairs), shipped quarterly.

You can change the shipping frequency in your account on at any time.

What Are The Shipping Fees?

Shipping within the U.S. and its territories is $3.00USD per box. Shipping to Canada costs $4.00CAD. Sales tax (if applicable) will be added to your total at the checkout.

Cancellation, Returns & Refunds

Subscription charges occur every 28 days for US subscribers, and every 84 days for subscribers in Canada. You are allowed to cancel your subscription at any time. Try to do this before the next renewal date in order to avoid unwanted charges. According to Hubble Contact’s new refund policy (from November 1, 2018), no returns are accepted at this time. Old customers, however, may still return the unopened boxes within 30 days of delivery and get a refund for them. To learn more about the company’s policies or to apply for a refund (if possible), get in touch with customer service in any way convenient for you.

Hubble Subscription Cancellation Options

To cancel Hubble Contacts you can:

  • call 1(844) 334 1640 and ask to talk to the customer support representative. Service hours are Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM, and Saturday 1 PM to 5 PM, except public holidays.
  • email and request to cancel your subscription. This option is available for California subscribers only.