How to stop subscription at Taste cocktails

There are a wide selection of cocktail kits and equipment available at on a subscription basis. Taste Cocktails is a cocktail subscription service providing information about drinks, their authors and history both through their online magazine and booklets in a monthly box. The cocktail subscription boxes contain:  – ingredients for 5 – 7 drinks…read more

How to refund Pro Wrestling Loot

Pro Wrestling Loot is a service offering wrestling merchandise subscription boxes. Pro Wrestling Loot ships its items as a surprise box. Among the pro wrestling loot, you can find items from companies like WWE, TNA, ROH, and independent companies all over the US producing:  – T-shirts  – autographed items  – lapel pins, posters  – collectibles …read more

How to stop your subscription

Tails subscription is a service offering monthly dog food boxes. The Tails company tailors the dog food boxes to your pet’s needs and tastes. The treats don’t contain added sugar, colors or preservatives and are curated by nutritionists. To get the most from the Tails dog subscription, a subscriber provides information about their dog including: …read more

How to stop your ExecSocks subscription

ExecSocks company is a socks subscription that ships socks right to your doorstep. There is an option to donate socks to charity through this American online store. Subscribers to ExecSocks contribute a pair of socks to the Oak City Outreach Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Men’s executive socks are made of 80% cotton, 15% nylon,…read more

Cancel my Vitl membership

VITL offers personalized vitamins and supplements delivered on the subscription terms. People receive a personalized programme and wellbeing package every month through the letterbox, accompanied by expert advice on vitamins and supplements. Supplements are non-GMO, non-fillers, bulkers, sugar, gluten, artificial colors, preservatives, and vegetarian/vegan friendly.  Tests range in price from $60 to $135, and vitamins…read more

Cancel my membership at Kid’s Candor

What is Kids’ Candor?  Designed for parents and caregivers, Kids’ Candor provides a monthly educational box with ready-to-use tools and guidance to teach and promote human interaction through games for children from early age to preschool. Every month, Kids’ Candor sends you a bilingual (English/Spanish) kit that includes:  – games  – music  – materials  –…read more

How to refund Soxy Beast

Why people choose Soxy Beast?  Soxy Beast is an online Australian shop offering combed cotton socks designed and knit in Melbourne with a special blend of 65% cotton, 35% nylon/lycra). Their cotton blend has a natural fiber base that is breathable, and has good stretch and retention to maintain its shape. There are sizes S…read more

How to remove a subscription of Unboxing the Bizarre

“Unboxing the Bizarre is a monthly celebration box dedicated to showcasing bizarre holidays not generally celebrated by mainstream culture. There is full information on how to subscribe to the monthly mystery subscription boxes at   There are seven types of boxes available for subscribing:  – Original Holiday Box – 4 items and an informational card …read more

How to remove a Taster’s club subscription

Taster’s club is an alcohol subscription box at It provides full-sized bottles or samples of spirits at regular intervals, usually monthly or quarterly, to Taster’s club members. Several factors are taken into account when selecting bottles, including the production style, the ingredients, and the barrel finish. The Taster’s Club even offers bottles with limited…read more

How to remove a subscription by Scrawlr Box

How does Scrawlr Box work?  Subscribers to Scrawlr Box receive an art supplies subscription box every month. All you need to get started is included in each box, along with a card with a creative prompt, a mini magazine with process tips, and an interview with a featured artist. The contents of the box can…read more