How To Remove A Subscription BBQ Box

Subscription Box For BBQ Lovers

BBQ Box Subscription offers literally everything for a delicious BBQ: marinades, rubs, spices, and more along with the recipes using the ingredients featured. Subscription boxes may also include wood chips and goodies (e.g. beef jerky). The contents of the BBQ box are variable, you may choose the subscription option matching your preferences and financial capabilities.

How Much Does The Subscription Cost?

Recurring Charges

  • BBQ Subscription Box: 
    • Standard $26.99/month;
    • Excluding A Snack $21.95/month; 
    • Excluding Wood Chips $21.95/month;
  • BBQ Rub And Sauce Subscription Box: $15.95/month; 
  • BBQ Jerky Subscription Box: $15.95/month.

Shipping & Taxes

Subscription boxes are delivered to your door every month. Shipping is a flat rate of $7.25 for the orders within the US and $25 for international orders. The full shipping cost, including taxes and duties, is calculated at the checkout.

Subscription Cancellation 

All BBQ Box Subscriptions renew automatically without any prior notice and are unlimited in time. This means that BBQ Box will charge your payment method on file every month until you cancel your subscription. Your cancellation will take effect starting from the next billing cycle (i.e., from the following month). Below you can find the guidelines for the subscription cancellation procedure. To learn more about BBQ Box return and refund policies, get in touch with the customer support using the request form on their contact page: 

How To Stop The Charges

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your account on BBQ Box’s website:

  • Go to and use your email and password to sign in;
  • Locate the ‘Your Subscription’ and click ‘Edit’;
  • Select ‘Cancel’ in the edit menu and then ‘Cancel Me’ for confirmation.

Once your subscription is deactivated, you won’t be charged again. If you have any issues with online cancellation, please turn to the customer support for assistance.