FortTheNet membership cancellation

If you keep asking yourself, „How can I end my membership and get the money back?“, here you can finally find the answers! Many people, subscribed to the paid services by mistake or having other reasons to stop their memberships don’t really know how to do it. In this article, we will take a closer look at the means and procedures of the cancellation on FortTheNet –

Trial period and how it works

The idea behind the free trial period is that if you consider that the provided VPN services are good enough for you, you can continue to use them on a paid basis.  FortTheNet is a company selling subscriptions to a high-quality VPN service, but before you pay for it, you would be offered a free trial period. Thus and so, if you don’t want to be charged for your subscription later, you should cancel it before the trial period ends. Here comes the question: “How do I cancel my subscription?”.

Cancellation methods

Anyway, whether you want to apply for a refund or not, you have to go through a cancellation procedure first. Below, we look at the methods available to you if you need a refund or cancellation on FortTheNet services:

  1. Cancellation by logging into FortTheNet account; or
  2. Cancellation by sending the “End my membership” request.

Cancellation by logging into your account

If you’re searching for the answer to the question, “How do I cancel the membership by myself?”, here it is:

  • Log into your account;
  • Navigate to your ‘Account settings’;
  • In the ‘Subscription type’ section click on ‘Cancel’;
  • Click ‘Continue to Cancellation’ to confirm and complete the procedure.

Cancellation by sending a request

If you have already tried the first option, but it didn’t work out, you can send a cancellation request to customer support by email on Don’t forget to write “End my membership” in a subject line! When the cancellation is successfully done, you’ll get a confirmation on the email address registered to your FortTheNet account.

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