Ways And Means To Stop Auto-Renewal On SecretSurfing

Subscribing & Unsubscribing. How It Works 

Trial Period & Membership Plan. SecretSurfing is a paid VPN subscription service, which can be used on a trial basis for the first week. After the trial period, the service fee will be withdrawn from your card every month in full.  How to end a free trial and avoid the unwanted billing, see below.

Cancellation Options. Membership cancellation can be performed at any time you want. However, it’ll be better to do it before the next payment due date. Whether you’re still on the trial or already a member, your options would be the same. You may either make a cancellation inside your account on https://www2.secretsurfing.net/ or send a request to the customer service with the “Close My Account” headline.

What About A Refund? If you had no idea how to end a free trial and got charged before you managed to make a cancellation, you are eligible to get a refund. Turn to SecretSurfing customer service via email support@secretsurfing.net no later than 60 days after the payment date.

How To Close My Account?

Account Settings Menu

Here’s how to end a free trial and start a membership cancellation process within minutes:

  • Sign in to your personal account on the SecretSurfing website;
  • Locate your membership data under the account settings menu;
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button and follow the guide.

Request Assistance 

If you need help, you may:

  1. Fill in and submit one of the following forms: https://support.secretsurfing.net/en-us/requests or https://www2.secretsurfing.net/cancel
  1. Email SecretSurfing on support@secretsurfing.net with  “Close My Account” in the title field.  

Your membership plan will be active until you receive an email confirming the cancellation. Please note that canceling your membership would be enough to stop the recurring payments, you don’t necessarily need to close your account completely. Call +44-203-514-0378 or +1-347-759-0507 if you have questions on how to end a free trial or end your membership.

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