Food & Gift Boxes

How to refund Mary’s secret ingredients

Mary’s Secret Ingredients presents a limited-edition culinary surprise subscription box. Each culinary subscription box contains 4 – 6 unique, gourmet products and a small kitchen tool, delivered right to your doorstep. A limited number of curated boxes are available each season filled with delicious surprises. A custom recipe is created for each product and emailed…read more

How to stop a Treats Box subscription

Based in Canada, Treats Box offers candy selection boxes available for North America and the UK subscribers. The service claims that they offer top-of-the-line snacks and confectionery delivered straight to your door. A few of these brands include Hershey’s, Cadbury, Christie’s, Wonka as well as new-to-you candies that are only available in Canada. Other promotional…read more

How to get rid of Florin Coffee subscription

What is Florin Coffee?  Online coffee club Florin Coffee delivers freshly roasted coffee beans directly to your door. Subscription by Florin Coffee allows its members to get the newest coffee blends first. There are three subscription options:  – Rotating Subscription: Get new coffees first with every coffee box – $18  – Ranger Subscription: Florin Coffee…read more

How to remove a Tea Runners subscription

What does Tea Runners offer?  Tea Runners is a service that caters loose leaf teas, along with brewing instructions and tasting notes, delivered to their customers’ doors. With over 15+ selections to choose from every month, Tea runners promises you can truly customize your experience. There are a number of teas the Tea Runners company…read more

How to stop a Splendid Spoon subscription

Splendid Spoon is a food subscription option for those who are interested in healthy and fast meals. The healthy meal subscription includes vegan smoothies, soups and plant-based bowls delivered to your door each week. Compared to other meal delivery subscriptions, Splendid spoon seems more tailored to breakfast and lunch With Splendid Spoon, you can easily…read more

Cancel my Bombay and Cedar membership

Bombay and Cedar is a subscription box uniting those who care about their lifestyle and picks sustainable and vegan-friendly products. Bringing you unique lifestyle, aromatherapy, lotion, beauty, and other products, Bombay and Cedar is a curated lifestyle subscription box. It is available monthly and seasonal.  A Bombay and Cedar subscription box may contain:  – Bags…read more

How to remove subscription Mix Cups

Mix Cups is a coffee club that offers a gift subscription making difference in your morning coffee routine. The idea is to get a mix of coffee cups instead of a set in one flavor. During sign up, you have the option of choosing between flavored or unflavored coffees, as well as teas to be…read more

How to remove your Dinnerly subscription

The Dinnerly meal kit service works on a subscription basis and delivers weekly meals. Their mission is to offer easy-to-prepare meal kits at an affordable price point. They provide fresh ingredients and new recipes so everyone can make delicious and healthy home-made dishes. The website allows subscribers to customize their weekly boxes by stating…read more

Cancel my Whisky Loot membership

Whisky Loot is a membership offering customizable subscription delivery of exclusive whiskies from the best distilleries all around the world at attractive prices. The spirits you get are offered with a 10% discount. Packages may contain 3 of 60mL hand-picked samples (that’s 2 standard drinks of each whisky).   Subscription Pricing  Whisky Loot offers to types…read more

How to stop Watanut subscription

Delivery service focused on people fond of delicious and exclusive food sets – Watanut – offers Nut of the Month Club membership on a subscription basis. The service combines in-store, online and pre-paid retail of their nut mixes and food sets. Using high-quality ingredients, organic nuts and fresh-baked cookies, the Watanut service delivers delicious food…read more