How To Remove A Subscription Pluggednow

About The Service

Pluggednow premium monthly subscriptions grant unlimited high-speed access to its giant media-library, including thousands of e-books, games, music, and movies for all subscribers. The one-week trial period preceding the first payment is meant for you to get an idea of how the service works and decide for yourself if it worth the money. See below, how to end a free trial or stop the money withdrawal.

Monthly Subscription Expences 

When your subscription comes into force, your card will be charged automatically every month in the amount of maximum €55.50 monthly, depending on the chosen tariff. The subscription term is unlimited, it will be extended month to month until you decide to cancel. Under “How To Close My Account?” you will found actual information about the cancellation options.

How Close My Account?

You may cancel your subscription plan and close your account at any time. Make sure to cancel before the next billing date to avoid further payments. 

By Yourself Online

Learn how to end a free trial or stop your subscription just in a few clicks:  

  • Go to and sign in to your account; 
  • Navigate to my account ‘My Account’ and find your subscription info;
  • Select ‘Cancel Membership’ and follow the instructions. 

By Submitting A Request

  • Email customer support at and explain your reasons to cancel the subscription. “Close My Account” could be used as a subject to send emails;
  • Fill in the required fields at and click ‘Submit’ to send a cancellation request; or
  • Contact the call center at  +44-845-528-0231/ +1-347-962-3192 to talk to a Pluggednow representative. 

Getting The Money Back

After your account is canceled, you may apply for a refund of any payment made within the last 60 days. To find out if you can get your money back or to get more detailed information on how to end a free trial, call the support hotline at +44-845-528-0231/ +1-347-962-3192.

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