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Monthly Costs 

Bellai presents a premium monthly subscription for book lovers. Subscribed members get unlimited monthly access not only to the e-books of all genres but also to the giant media-library, including games, music, and even movies. The price of a committed subscription is starting from €17.95 per month, no-commitment subscription, in turn, costs €55.50 monthly. As a subscription period (i.e.ongoing month) comes to an end, it will be extended for another period automatically. To stop the payments and avoid the unwanted billing, you have to cancel your membership and learn how to refund money.

How To Remove A Subscription?

You may cancel your membership at any time without any limitations in using the service until the end of the ongoing month as the termination will take effect in the next subscription period. In order to avoid further money withdrawals be sure to cancel before the next billing date.

Within Your Profile On Bellai

Before you learn how to refund money, you should cancel your membership. It can be easily done through your profile on

  • Sign in to Bellai; 
  • Go to ‘My Account’ menu and select ‘Membership’;
  • Click ‘Cancel Membership’ and follow the given instructions. 

By Sending A Cancellation Request

If you cannot log in or don’t understand how to remove a subscription by yourself, you may also turn to customer support professionals:

  • Email with your account data and request to cancel your membership;
  • Go to, fill in the required fields, and click ‘Submit’; or
  • Dial the 24/7 call center at  +44-845-528-0114 or +1-646-661-2874

How To Refund Money?

After the cancellation, depending on your reasons and circumstances, you may get a refund for payments made within the last 60 days. To find out if Bellai can give you the money back, call the customer service +44-845-528-0114 or +1-646-661-2874, or go to and submit a refund request.

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