How To Refund Desi-Star

What You Pay For 

Desi-Star is a streaming media subscription service. When you purchase a subscription, you get unlimited access not only to the thousands of titles of movies, but also to other media files, such as games, music, or e-books. The membership price starts from €17.95 per month, depending on the commitment term. Committed subscriptions can’t be canceled before the corresponding period comes to an end. All membership plans are extended automatically and the fees are withdrawn from your designated payment method without any heads-up. To stop making payments and be able to apply for a refund, you need to cancel membership.

How To Cancel Subscription

Cancellation can be done anytime, just try to do it before the next billing date. If you cancel in the middle of your billing cycle, your cancellation will take effect from the next month. You will still have unlimited access to the service for all the paid period.

In Your Profile Settings

If you remember your account details, you may easily cancel membership by yourself. 

  • Go to and sign in; 
  • In ‘My Account’ menu locate ‘Membership’ and click on it;
  • Select ‘Cancel’ and follow the guide. 

By Claiming Assistance

If you, for any reason, cannot log in to the service and are confused about how to cancel subscription in this case, you may use the following options:

  • Turn to customer support by email at Give your account details and reasons to cancel your membership.
  • Use a quick cancellation service at  
  • Call the 24/7 accessible line at one of the following numbers:  +1-877-279-3240/ +1-347-688-7916

How To Get The Money Back

Once you cancel membership, you may claim a refund for any payments made to Desi-Star within the last 60 days. If your claim is reasonable, the refund will be issued in full to your payment method. To submit a refund request, please call +1-877-279-3240/ +1-347-688-7916, or go to

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