How to remove a subscription by Scrawlr Box

How does Scrawlr Box work? 

Subscribers to Scrawlr Box receive an art supplies subscription box every month. All you need to get started is included in each box, along with a card with a creative prompt, a mini magazine with process tips, and an interview with a featured artist. The contents of the box can range from drawing materials to paints or inks, for example charcoal drawing materials, alcohol inks and acrylic paints, depending on the month theme. There is no way to predict what you’ll get since all of the boxes are sent at once. Sweet treats are often included as well. 

The monthly subscription fee for Scrawlr Box depends on the subscription plan you’ve chosen. It’s possible to subscribe for different periods: 

– one month – £18.95 paid monthly; 

– three month – £55.65 prepaid; 

– six month – £109.50 prepaid; 

– twelve month – £215.50. 

For more detailed information about subscription options please address the Scrawlr Box team at 

Shipping Terms 

Scrawlr Box ships globally. If you wish to ship internationally, you can pay the additional postage at checkout. Within the UK, delivery is free. An email notification will be sent to you once your box has been shipped. 

How can I refund Scrawlr Box? 

You can claim for a refund of your monthly supplies of boxes if the order hasn’t been shipped yet. To do so, please address the customer support team at 

How can I stop my art supplies subscription box? 

The cancellation of your subscription only terminates the subscription and prevents any further payments from being taken. Any boxes you have already paid for before canceling will still be sent to you. Should you wish to receive a refund, please let Scrawlr Box know (before any boxes are shipped) and the customer support team will stop the shipment and process the refund on your behalf.