How to stop Paletteful Packs subscriptions

With Paletteful Pack, you’ll receive all the art supplies you need to create a piece of art. With this creative subscription box, you will be able to discover new brands and supplies, and even gain new appreciation for your old favorites during the process. Among the supplies available are pens, pencils, sketch pads, oil paints, and toolsets. There are three types of subscription plans, including: 

– A Petite Pack is $24.00 – containing four to six items per box 

– Young Artist $30.00 – containing four or more items per box 

– Paletteful Pack is $35.00 – containing six or more items per box 

Each box is curated and is devoted to a certain theme. There is a possibility to get digital instructions at There is a minimum of four items in each month’s box (average boxes usually have five items in them). Customers have the option of purchasing the box as a one-time purchase or as a three-month subscription. Subscriptions can also be purchased as gifts. 

In the absence of cancellation, subscriptions renew automatically. 

Shipping Terms 

Petite Packs are shipped to Canada for a flat rate of $5, while Premier and Young Artist Packs are shipped at a flat rate of $10. Other international orders will be charged a flat rate of $10 for Petite Packs and $15 for Premier and Young Artist Packs. Each month, boxes are sent out around the 1st of the month. If you are ordering a Paletteful Pack from Paletteful Packs Store, you will receive your order within two to three days after you place the order. 

How to refund Paletteful Packs box 

It is only possible to cancel a subscription before the 20th of the month in which the box is set to ship and receive a refund if you do so before the 20th. From that point on, boxes are being processed for shipping. A refund can only be issued if there are delivery issues or damage to the box after it has shipped. 

How can I cancel my subscription? 

Upon request, cancellations may be made at any time. The following steps will assist you in stopping your subscription: 

– Visit your account page. 

– Click the cancel button on the screen and follow the instructions. 

If you wish to cancel before the next billing cycle, you must do so before that date.