Cancel my Fadoodle box membership

Fadoodle box presents an adult subscription for couples. A subscribed member can choose the type of subscription and get a set of themed items to improve your sexual life. All boxes are shipped once a month and contain at least one sex toy, an assortment of fantasy items and toys ranging from lubes and oils to foreplay enhancers and games. You can customize your boxes by answering a few profile options. The box can contain more or less items, as the service strives to deliver high quality goods instead of large quantity of items. There is also an add-on option to customized your box.

Monthly Costs

The price of a subscription starts from $40.00 monthly and depends on the details stated at your profile. There are two types of boxes to choose from:

  • Partner Box
  • Partner Plus Box

All boxes are shipped between 15th and 20th of the month.

Billing and Refund Policy

The service doesn’t offer any refunds or returns. As a subscription period (i.e.ongoing month) comes to an end, it will be extended for another period automatically and the monthly fee will be charged on the 1st of the new month.  To stop the payments and avoid the unwanted billing, you have to cancel your membership. In order to avoid further money withdrawals be sure to cancel before the next billing date.

How to stop Fadoodle Box Subscription

  • Login to your Fadoodle Box account.
  • Within the My Subscriptionssection, click the Manage
  • Click the Subscription Settings 
  • Select the Cancel my subscription
  • Select the Confirm

If you cannot log in or don’t understand how to remove a subscription by yourself, you may also turn to customer support professionals using the contact form at