How To Stop Subscription Pour More

Premium Alcohol Subscription Box

Pour More Club offers a wide selection of alcohol spirits. Apart from the good old classics,  subscribers have the opportunity to try craft and rare liquors that can hardly be found in your local stores. Club members receive one bottle (at least 750ml) of their favorite liquor along with brochures describing the taste and the history of the featured spirit, and cocktail recipes in each box. 

Membership Fees 

The subscription charges are based on the kind (whiskey, tequila,etc.) and the price segment of the liquor you order. Subscribers may also choose between the recurring prepaid membership options.

Basic Prices

  • Whiskey Club:
    • Intro: $49/ shipment;
    • Explorer: $79/ shipment; 
    • Enthusiast: $129/ shipment. 
  • Scotch Club:
    • Intro: $55/ shipment;
    • Explorer: $89/ shipment;
    • Enthusiast: $149/ shipment. 
  • Bourbon Club:
    • Intro: $49/ shipment ; 
    • Explorer: $79/ shipment;
  • Tequila/ Rosé/ Mezcal/ Rum/ and Bartender Club (mix of all): $49/ shipment. 

Shipping Fees

Pour more subscribers are charged around $15-19 additionally for each shipment. The shipping costs may slightly vary depending on your exact location. 

Billing & Cancellation Policy

Recurring subscriptions renew automatically on the 15th of every month or every other month. Pour More will continue charging your card until you cancel your subscription. Cancellation is possible at any time and free of charge. Try to start the cancellation process a few days before the next billing date. In case you get charged again, to get a refund for this payment, you can contact your bank and apply for a chargeback. Pour More does not issue refunds.

Club Membership Cancellation 

You can easily opt-out of subscription auto-renewal by logging into your client account on

  • log in to Pour More, using your name and password;
  • locate the subscription management section;
  • select ‘Cancel’.

If any problem occurs feel free to contact customer service at