How to refund money for VPNRex

Payments & Fees

VPNRex subscription service offers unlimited access to a high-speed VPN connection. A fee you have to pay for it depends on your membership type, but in any case, does not exceed €88.50 a month. The corresponding amount is withdrawn from your card automatically on the first day of your billing period without any notice. In this article, we’ll try to make it clear how to refund money for VPNRex.

How do I cancel subscription?

Prior to applying for a refund, you need to stop the delivery of services, i.e. to suspend or cancel your subscription in one of the following ways:

In your account settings

Here’s your answer to the question ‘how do I cancel subscription on’:

  • Log on to your VPNRex account;
  • Locate the ‘Subscription’ line in the ‘Account Settings’ section;
  • Select ‘Cancel’ and click ‘Confirm’.

In account settings, you can also manage your subscription details and change your personal information.

 By an email request

Email VPNRex customer support service at, explain why you want to stop using the services and ask how to refund money.

Through the call-agent 

  • Call +44-203-514-1816 or +1-646-626-4189 to talk to the VPNRex employee;
  • Ask him, ‘how do I cancel subscription?’, and answer all his questions;
  • Wait until the cancellation is done.

To make sure that your membership is successfully canceled, check the email associated with your VPNRex account, there should be a confirmation letter there. Please mind that the cancellation process may take a few hours, don’t worry if you won’t receive the confirmation at once, you’ll get it within 24 hours. 

How to refund money

First of all, to apply for a refund you have to contact the VPNRex customer support service through the above-mentioned email or phone. By that time, your membership should be already canceled. If you prefer sending an email, write “Refund” in a subject line. This will make it easier for the support team to process your request.

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