How to refund money Concord Coffee

Concord Coffee Company & Subscription Service

Concord Coffee is a shop and an online subscription service, selling their own branded tableware, equipment, clothing, and naturally a wide range of high-quality whole bean and grounded coffee.

Recurring Fees & Charges

Subscribing to Concord Coffee, you get your favorite coffee delivered automatically at personally chosen time intervals.

Regular Subscription

The frequency of shipments and the duration of your subscription (3 to 52 shipments) is up to you. Each package contains 10 oz. bag of the highest quality imported coffee and costs $25.00 including delivery all over the U.S.

Gift Subscription 

The company delivers one coffee bag to the indicated address every four weeks at the following price:

  • one year long for $300;
  • six months for $150; or
  • three months for $75.

The main difference between the above-mentioned subscription types is that the second one is prepaid, while the first one is billed every 1, 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the shipment frequency.

Refund Policy & Cancelation Options

Concord Coffee accepts returns and provides refunds for all their branded merchandise, excluding coffee, as it is considered to be a perishable product. If you want to find out whether you are eligible to claim a refund, get in touch with the customer support via:

  • the official website,
  • service email,
  • Facebook page, or
  • telephone.

How to cancel your membership plan

The first step to receiving a refund is canceling your Concord Coffee membership. For this purpose:

  1. Go to;
  2. Fill out the form providing your details and leave a short message requesting to stop your subscription or to cancel your upcoming order;
  3. Wait for the customer support to get back to you by phone or email.

There’s also an option to request a cancelation or refund by email, in a chat with their representative on Facebook Messenger or on the phone (561) 312-3974.