How to cancel subscription SnackCrate

When you subscribe to SnackCrate service, you’re told you can cancel anytime. Is that really so and how does it work in practice? 


SnackCrate is a company, selling snacks from all around the world. As a subscribed member you can get a box of the most interesting goodies from a specific country every single month.

Payments & Fees

Depending on your subscription plan you can choose from three sizes of boxes with about 5, 10 or 20 products in each box correspondingly:

  • Mini: $14 per month + free shipping;
  • Original:  $26 per month + free priority shipping; and
  • Premium: $49 per month.

SnackCrate is also offering trial boxes at a special price, which can be confusing because after the trial you automatically start being charged at the basic rates. 

Cancellation Means

Getting a refund on is very hard. Instead, you can claim a chargeback from your bank or turn to the refund helping services. But before doing this, you should cancel SnackCrate membership in one of two ways:

Cancel it yourself in your account 

This is a very simple and convenient way to cancel your subscription. 

Get in touch with the support service

This method is suitable for those who subscribed to the service by mistake and don’t remember their account details. 

Below, we will look at the cancellation procedure in detail.

Step-by-step cancellation guide

The good news is, you can change your membership plan or cancel it anytime until the last day of the current month.

  • Log In to your SnackCrate account and go to ‘Subscription’ page; 
  • Locate ‘Miscellaneous’ and click it to open the menu; 
  • Click ‘Cancel subscription’;

After a few seconds, you’ll see a notification saying that your SnackCrate subscription is successfully canceled.  

For clarity, check out the following video: 

In case of any further questions, email or call service phone numbers you can find on