How To End A Subscription To MagnusVPN

Membership Price & Billing

MagnusVPN subscribers get access to a high-quality VPN service at a flat rate of €17.95 for Silver, €23.50 for Gold, and €88.50 for Platinum membership monthly. The first payment is made right after a trial period, on the 8th day after you subscribe, and renewed automatically on the same day every month until the membership is canceled. Below, you will learn how to stop auto-renewal, cancel membership, and get a refund for MagnusVPN services.

How To Cancel VPN Subscription

Before applying for a refund, you need to prevent the possible future money withdrawals by canceling your subscription. This can be done anytime and through 3 different channels.

Your Customer Account

The quickest and most convenient way to cancel membership is to do this in your MagnusVPN account.

  • Click on the ‘Account Settings’ button;
  • Select ‘Cancel’ next to your subscription information;
  • Confirm the action. 

You can always skip a month instead of canceling the whole membership if you are not yet sure whether you want to use MagnusVPN in the future. 

Service Email

If it seems unclear to you how to cancel VPN subscription in your account or you have any trouble logging in to it, you can contact the service email, and let the professionals do the cancellation for you. 


If you have any questions about cancellation and refund options, dial the following numbers:  +44-203-514-7289 or +1-646-934-6642. MagnusVPN representative will give you all the information you need and help you to cancel membership.

How To Refund Money

After you cancel membership on, you may apply for a refund. For this purpose:

  • Check your membership status, make sure it is canceled;
  • Contact MagnusVPN support team through the above-mentioned email or phone and ask for a refund;
  • Let the customer support process your request. 

Normally, after your request is approved, the money is back to your card in a few working days. 

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