How to refund Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes pregnancy subscription

Bump Boxes is a subscription website offering carefully chosen maternity and mom-and-baby products (e.g. outfit, cosmetic care, snacks, drinks, etc.). There are not less than 5 items with a total value of over $60.00 in every shipped box.

Month-to-month and prepaid subscription types

  • Premium subscription: $39.99 monthly;
  • 6-months subscription: $36 monthly (+50% discount on the first order) or $216 prepaid;
  • 9-months subscription: $34 monthly (+ 40% discount on the first order) or $309 prepaid; 
  • 12-months subscription: $32 monthly + 30% discount on the first order or $384 prepaid.

Prepaid subscriptions are canceled automatically after the last shipment, while monthly ones will be renewed for the same time period until canceled. You will be charged a $25.00 fee for any early cancellation.

All shipping costs within the U.S. are included in the subscription price.

Cancellation policy, returns, and refunds

Prepaid or committed subscriptions may save you a little money, but they are difficult to get a refund for. Only premium subscription can be canceled anytime. Prepaid subscriptions can not be canceled at all. Furthermore, if you are signed up for a monthly membership plan, your card will be charged until the end of your commitment period, even if you cancel it.

The only option is to make a return and get a refund for it. For that end, drop an email at no later than 4 weeks from the date of shipping. Please note that Bump boxes refunds only undamaged and unused products.

How to make a cancellation?

You need to cancel the services before the 1st day of the upcoming billing period to stop the automatic renewal. To do that:

  • Go to;
  • Click ‘My Account’ and log in;
  • Click the ‘Billing’ button and select ‘Cancel Plan’.

If any trouble occurs, apply for assistance by phone 888-913-7879 or email Please, keep in mind that the cancellation procedure may take some time and try to make it in advance.