How to stop subscription Brika

A brief overview of BRIKA services

The main idea behind the company establishment was to create a platform to sell unique products from local artisans online. The shop offers a large variety of high-quality hand-crafted items, such as jewelry, ceramics, stationery, apparel, etc. A BRIKA Box Subscription gives you an opportunity to get these products at the best value. Although all goods are hand-picked according to your preferences, the contents of the subscription box are always a surprise.

Costs and the billing cycle

The longer your subscription lasts, the less you pay: 

  • 3 months subscription: $30 per box,
  • 6 months subscription: $28 per box, 
  • 12 months subscription: $25 per box.

All boxes are delivered monthly and contain 1 to 3 items with a total value of not less than $40. Shipping is not included in the subscription price and amounts to $15 monthly if the goods are delivered to your door, or $10 if you pick them up at the office. 

Returns, refunds, and the cancellation policy

Returns. BRIKA accepts returns only for damaged items. If you want to cancel or change your upcoming order, you are free to do it within 5 days after the purchase. Email to apply for a return or refund.

Refunds. If your refund request was refused by BRIKA, turn to your card issuer for a Chargeback. Another option is to use specialized Services, able to get you a refund faster and without any negative consequences for your credit history.

Cancellation. Before applying for a refund, you should cancel your subscription to stop the recurring payments. This can be done anytime you like, either through your account or via email.

Cancellation options

BRIKA subscription can be canceled in 3 simple steps:

If you experience any difficulties while canceling your subscription, just drop an email at to contact the customer support.