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About The Service

Gen YZ Box is a subscription service that offers a monthly delivery of boxes curated specially for girls. Subscribers can choose one of two types of membership plans, Gen Y Box and  Gen Z Box, for girls over and under 16 years of age correspondingly. Each box contains 5 to 10 items such as exclusive stationery, accessories, decor, and beauty products along with surprising gifts.

Membership Related Expences

Monthly Fees. Both Y and Z membership boxes are presented in two sizes:

  • Gen Y or Gen Z Box Standard: $44.99/month (7 to 10 items);
  • Gen Y or Gen Z Box Mini: $35.00/month (5 to 7 items).

Shipping Costs. The boxes are shipped every month. The shipping fee is charged at a flat-rate of $10.00 all over the US. The cost of shipping to Canada is calculated according to the Canada Post price rates.

Auto-Renewals. Payments start right after you sign up and are renewed automatically on the 16th of every upcoming month. By subscribing to Gen YZ Box, you agree to the terms of use, including automatic withdrawal of fees from your designated payment method.

Unsubscribing & Getting A Refund

Gen YZ Box follows ‘cancel anytime’ policy, furthermore, your membership can be canceled within 2 days after every autorenewal. This means, that even after your monthly payment is made, you still have 48 hours for cancellation and, in this case, you will get the money back to your card.  All you have to do is to submit a written request at Mind that refunds are only provided for orders, that are not yet shipped.

Membership Cancellation

To stop receiving YZ Boxes: 

  • Log in to your account at,
  • Locate ‘Manage Subscriptions’ in the menu and
  • Click ‘Cancel’.  

If you cancel your membership later than 2 days after the billing date, you will still receive your box in the ongoing month and won’t be able to get a refund for it.

In case of any trouble with online cancellation, contact customer support at

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