How To End My Membership TronVPN

Recurring Payments & Billing 

TronVPN is a subscription service, offering uninterrupted access to its fast VPN servers at a set price of €17.95, €23.50, or €88.50, depending on the membership type. After a one-week trial, you’ll start being charged monthly until you cancel your membership. If you are not satisfied with the provided services and keep asking yourself, “Why do I have to pay? How to end my membership? How can I get the money back?”, this article is what you were looking for!

How Do I Cancel?

First of all, to stop being charged, you need to cancel your TronVPN membership in any way convenient to you:

TronVPN Account Settings

Here’s the answer to “How do I cancel my membership in the fastest possible way?”:

  • Go to  and log in to your client account;
  • Navigate to the ‘Account Settings’ section;
  • Next to your subscription information and click ‘Cancel’;
  • Follow the instructions.

TronVPN Service Team

If you need the assistance in cancellation, use:

  1. Help Center 
  • Go to;
  • Locate the ‘Submit A Request’ button in the lower right corner of the page and click on it;
  • Using ‘End My Membership’ as a subject, write a request, mention your details and click ‘Submit’.
  1. Quick Cancellation Service
  • Go to
  • enter your login and password and cancellation request will be created automatically. 

You don’t have to worry about the cancellation process, TronVPN support professionals will do everything for you and once your membership is canceled, you’ll receive the confirmation by email. 

How Can I Have My Money Back?

Getting a refund from TronVPN is as simple as that. Just drop an email at and tell your reasons to apply for a refund (e.g. not happy with the service). Requests should be sent no later than 60 days after the purchase. 

For more information about the cancellation and refund process, go to the Help Center and navigate to the ‘How Do I Cancel’ section or call 44-203-514-5358/ 1-646-558-8799.

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