How To Remove A Subscription To VPNVista

Monthly Payments & Auto-Renewal

VPNVista is a monthly VPN subscription service. Subscribers must pay €17.95, €23.50, or €88.50 per month for Silver, Gold or Platinum membership plan respectively. Before you get charged, you’re offered a one-week trial period, to check out the service and, in case you don’t like it, cancel your membership without paying for it. After that, you will be charged according to your membership plan automatically every month. How to cancel your membership and how to refund money after a cancellation? See below.

How To Make A Cancellation?

Below, we describe how to remove a subscription on in detail. You may choose any method convenient for you.

VPNVista Account

If you’re looking for the answer to “How to remove a subscription in a fast and secure way?”:

  • Open VPNVista login page and enter your data;
  • Locate the ‘Account Settings’;
  • Click ‘Cancel’ and follow the guide. 

Service Team Assistance

If you turn to the VPNVista service team, you don’t have to worry about anything. Your membership will be canceled for you and once the cancellation is done, you’ll get a confirmation email.

  1. VPNVista Help Center on;
  • Scroll down the webpage and locate ‘Submit A Request’ in the lower right corner;
  • Click on it and fill in the ticket;
  • Click ‘Submit’. 

You can also use this method to also ask how to refund money.

  1. Quick Cancellation Request on Just enter your account details and wait for the confirmation on your email. 

How To Refund Money?

To get a refund from VPNVista, send an email request to Any requests (including cases when you are just not satisfied with the services) made within 60 days after the initial purchase or auto-renewal date are accepted.

For more information, call the following phone numbers: 44-203-514-5358/ 1-646-558-8799 or contact VPNVista via LiveChat (look for the chat icon in the lower right corner of the website).

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