Ways and means to stop auto-renewal on VPNZest

Expences & Billing Cycle

VPNZest subscribers get uninterrupted access to VPN servers at the fixed rates: 

  • Silver Membership: €17.95 for 1 device monthly,
  • Gold Membership: €23.50 for 2 devices monthly, and
  • Platinum Membership €88.50 for 3 or more devices monthly. 

The first payment is made after a one-week trial period, intended to let you try out the service before you start getting charged for it. After that, you will be billed monthly on the same day the initial payment was made. Let’s figure out how to end a free trial, stop the billing, and get the money back on https://www2.vpnzest.com/.

How To Close My Account?

Before getting a refund in order to close your account you should cancel your membership. Mind that if you won’t manage to complete the cancellation before the next billing date, you will get charged for the next month. VPNZest allows cancellation anytime via:

VPNZest Client Account

Here’s how to end a free trial or cancel your current membership by yourself:

  • Go to the VPNZest website and enter your account;
  • Open ‘Account Settings’;
  • Find your subscription information and click ‘Cancel’.

VPNZest Customer Service 

To get assistance from VPNZest:

  1. Go to the VPNZest help center at  https://support.vpnzest.com and click ‘Submit A Request’ in the lower right corner of the screen. Mention ‘Close My Account’ as a subject and type a request text.
  2. Open the quick cancellation page https://www2.vpnzest.com/cancel and fill in your details. 

After that, the VPNZest customer support team will do a cancelation for you and send you the confirmation by email once it is done. 

Can I Get A Refund?

Now, that you are aware of how to end a free trial, you may wonder how to get your money back. Simply email the customer support at support@vpnzest.com no later than 60 days after the payment. As your request is approved, you’ll get the money refunded to your card.

For more information, call VPNZest hotline numbers: +44-203-966-6422 or +1-347-719-4131.

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