How To End My Membership On VPNFever

How Does It Work?

Subscription Cost. You have to pay €17.95 to €88.50 monthly if you want to use VPNFever after a 7-day trial. If you do not cancel your subscription during the trial period, the money will be withdrawn automatically from the card associated with your account.

Subscription Term. When your subscription expires, an extension for another month is purchased automatically. Thus, your subscription ends only if you cancel it.

Cancellation. Subscriptions can be canceled anytime and by any means convenient for you. All necessary information about the cancellation process and tips on how to refund money, you can find below. 

How Do You Cancel Subscriptions?

Through Your Client Account 

  • Log in to VPNFever on;
  • Open the account settings menu;
  • Click ‘Cancel’ next to your membership plan description.

Using The Help Center

Now you know how do you cancel subscriptions by yourself, but what if you prefer to turn to the experts? In this case, you may send a cancellation request to the VPNFever customer support. 

  • Use one of the following links: or
  • Fill out the required information, and 
  • Click ‘Send’.

Mind that the cancellation process may take some time. If it is successful, you will get an email confirming the cancellation. Your next step after that would be to find out how to refund money.

How To Refund Subscription Costs?

In case if you’re not happy with VPNFever and don’t think it is worth the money you’re paying for it, there is always a possibility to apply for a refund. Any amount of money withdrawn from your card by VPNFever within the last 60 days can be paid back to you. Please, mind that VPNFever doesn’t refund the earlier purchases! Drop an email at with the title “Refund” in the subject field and wait until your request is approved.

If you need any other assistance, don’t hesitate to call 44-207-979-2024 or 1-646-893-7758.

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