How to stop your subscription at Headthinktrain

What is Headthinktrain? 

A subscription to Headthinktrain allows unlimited access to the collection of brain boosting games, IQ quizzes and other cognitive interactive brain exercises. There are transparent and fair subscription terms with Headthinktrain, which means you can manage your account yourself. The Headthinktrain multimedia platform may charge you as a subscriber if you join as a full member or do not cancel your subscription after a free trial. 

Do you have a way for me to unsubscribe? 

Here’s how you can end your Headthinktrain subscription on your own. In order to stop your membership, just go to the website and follow the instructions: 

  1. Visit Headthinktrain 
  2. Log in to My Account 
  3. Then click Cancel Membership. 

Your email address should be the same as the one you used to register. For assistance in resetting your password or email, visit Members Area. 

Online cancellation 

Use the subject line “Cancel My Subscription” to apply for express cancellation at Help Center.  

I can’t log in 

The Account Recovery page allows users to recover their passwords or email addresses. Any problems signing in can be solved by searching the Help Center on Headthinktrain. After canceling your membership, your progress track and preferences cannot be accessed. 

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