Cancellation And Refund For VPNClue

Subscription Types & Billing Periods

VPNClue offers 3 kinds of subscriptions to a high-speed VPN connection service: 

  • Silver €17.95/month (1 device),
  • Gold €23.50/month (2 devices), and
  • Platinum €88.50/month (multiple devices). 

All types of subscriptions are preceded by a trial period (7 days), during which they can be canceled for free. The first money withdrawal is made on the 8th day after subscribing and recurred month to month thereafter until canceled. Below, you will learn how to remove subscription, stop automatic renewals, and apply for a refund on

How To Cancel My Subscription?

Cancellation is possible at any time and can be performed in several ways using:

VPNClue Customer Account

Here’s how to remove subscription on the VPNClue website in the fastest and most convenient way:

  • Click the ‘Login’ button and enter your information;
  • Locate the ‘Account Settings’ section;
  • Click ‘Cancel’ next to the subscription details;
  • Confirm the cancellation. 

In case you are not sure whether you will use VPNClue in the future, you can always suspend your subscription instead of canceling it completely. 

Support Service 

If you’ve lost access to your customer account, forgot your password or have any other troubles canceling your subscription online, you can ask for the assistance of customer support professionals either by email or phone 44-28-7114-0081, 1-646-328-5024. Use the subject line: ‘Cancel My Subscription’ in your email, or ask to talk to a representative and let the VPNClue team solve your problems.

How To Get My Money Back?

After you’ve learned how to remove subscription, your next question may be about getting a refund. In this case,

  • Make sure your subscription is canceled,
  • Contact VPNClue support team by any suitable means presented in the “Contacts” page, and
  • Wait until your request is processed and approved. 

The money is, as a rule, returned to your card within a few days after the request approval.

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