Cancel My Pressed Membership

Pressed is a US-located company retailing beverages and produce from physical stores and online. Customers can make a one-time purchase or become a member at . The company focuses on the veggie and fruit beverages, desserts and snacks originated from California. However, their produce is not USDA certified organic. The ships their produce nationwide. There is also a loyalty program for subscribers. 

Subscription Terms 

The company claims their members benefit from lower pricing and offers two saving options: 

  • Recurring Orders – a $30 minimum within a 3-month period; 
  • VIP Pricing – a $10 minimum monthly. 

Both options mean recurring charges from your credit card.  

Recurring Orders can be customized to your needs in terms of shipping frequency: 

  • Weekly; 
  •  bi-weekly; 
  • every 3 weeks; 
  • Monthly; 
  • every 6 weeks; 
  • Quarterly. 

 All subscription fees are charged automatically and the billing continues until you cancel your subscription. 

Shipping Charges 

Pressed ships within the US. The price and the terms of delivery may vary depending on your location and delivery options chosen at the checkout. 

Returns and Refunds 

If you are dissatisfied with any product, you should contact the customer service via email within 48 hours of your delivery and provide necessary photographic documentation. Depending on the circumstances, you can get a replacement. 

Subscription Cancellation 

If you are a Recurring Order member, you can cancel your subscription online: 

  1. Locate ‘Recurring Order’ at My Account page; 
  2. Select ‘View’ next to the ‘Recurring Order’ you need to stop; 
  3. Scroll down to select ‘Cancel Recurring Order’. 

To stop your membership in VIP Pricing, follow the given below steps: 

  1. Select Manage Account  
  2. Manage Membership and scroll to the very bottom where you will see the “Cancel Membership” button. 
  3.  Once that is clicked, your Pressed Membership with VIP Pricing will be cancelled. 

Please, start the cancellation process in advance to avoid auto-renewing.