How to Stop Red Velvet NYC Subscription

Dessert Kit Service for Home Baking 

Red Velvet NYC is a service providing kits for baking gourmet desserts at home. You can buy a one-time kit or subscribe to monthly deliveries at A monthly Red Velvet NYC box contains two kits with: 

  • A detailed recipe card with step-by-srep instructions for each of two desserts; 
  • Two sets of pre-measured ingredients for crafting the desserts. 
  • Necessary supplies like cupcake cups etc. 

Subscription Billing 

A regular subscription fee is $49.99 per month with free shipping throughout the Continental USA. No additional spendings or taxes are applied. Subscription kits are shipped on the first Thursday of each month.  

Refund Policy 

You can claim a refund for any non-food items within thirty days of the delivery date by addressing and following their instructions. Your refund will be processsed if your return is approved. Shipping costs for returning are your responsibility and non-refundable. No returns for food items are provided due to food safety protocols. 

Subscription Charges  

The kits are charged in full immediately after you place your order or sign up on a subscription basis. One-kit subscription is auto-renewal, so you will be charged every month before your next box ships. 

Subscription Cancellation  

If you’ve chosen a subscription billing option, your plan is auto-renewing. To get it cancelled, you need to turn to the Red Velvet NYC customer service in the most suitable way:  

  • Log in to your account and make necessary changes;  
  • send an email requesting the cancellation at 
  • Use the Contact Us button at the official website.  

Follow the given instructions and provide all the required information to the customer service representative; wait till your cancellation is confirmed by e-mail.  

Please, try to start the cancellation date a few days prior to your next billing date to avoid unnecessary spendings.