How To Refund PanduhBox

Panduh Paper & Stationery Subscription

The Panduh Box offers monthly subscriptions for those who love exclusive stationery: note cards, organizers, washi tape, stickers, and more. Each subscription box is a complete surprise. It is filled with up to 10 unique stationery items from different brands and delivered to your door every month. 

How Big Are The Subscription Costs?

Price Per Box

Parer Panduh offers two types of subscription: 

  • Box Subscription: $29.95/month + shipping for 6-10 stationery items.
  • Stickers subscription: $12.95/month + shipping for 5 sticker sheets.

Billing & Delivery 

The cost of shipping is based on the package weight and the destination country. It is displayed in your cart during the checkout. Although the boxes are shipped at the end of every month, you are billed for them 3 weeks in advance (on the 1st of every month). Subscriptions are extended automatically and are not limited in time. 

Cancellation & Refund Policy

PanduhBox allows cancellation anytime, but there are a few things you should know before doing this. First of all, you need to complete a cancelation before the next billing day (before the 1st of the following month). Otherwise, you’ll get charged again, and getting a refund for this payment would be very complicated since PaperPandu DOES NOT accept any returns or issue refunds on their boxes. To get your money back, you need either to apply for a chargeback at your bank or turn to third-party refund-helping companies. 

Cancellation Guidelines

Pandu Box or Sticker Subscription can be canceled in your account just n a few clicks:

You may also turn to customer support by email at to get help with cancellation. To make it possible for Paper Pandu to process your request faster, don’t forget to provide your account and order data in the body text and use the word “Cancel” in the title line of your email.