How to Refund Plum Deluxe?

Plum Deluxe is an online shop and subscription service selling premium organic tea blends of their own brand. There is an option for one-time purchase as well as subscribing as a club member.  

Subscription Terms  

Subscribing to Plum Deluxe, you agree that your subscription will renew automatically until your membership is stopped. Therefore, you will be charged the subscription fee depending on your subscription type and shipping frequency. 

There are two types of the Plum Deluxe subscription: 

  • One Premium Tea per Month starting from $10 per month (appr. 20 cups); 
  • Two Premium Teas per Month starting from $15 per month (appr. 40 cups); 
  • ½ oz of Premium Tea per Month starting from $7.50 per month;  

A subscriber can also choose a payment frequency: 

  • Monthly ($9/month) 
  • Quarterly ($8/month – $24 per charge every 3 months) 
  • Annual ($7.50/month – $90 per charge every 12 months) 

The company also offers a gift subscription. In case you choose this type of subscription, your order should be paid once for the full gift amount. 

Terms of Delivery 

Plum Deluxe ships to the US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. The information about shipping fees is provided before you check out.  

Refund Policy 

There is no refund or exchange option as the Plum Deluxe teas are blended by hands and in accordance with the customer’s personal preferences. If you faced any problems with your order, try to contact the customer support service by contact form at 

Auto-Renewal & Cancellation  

Your subscription will renew automatically when the current subscription cycle comes to an end unless you’ve purchased a gift subscription. The subscription auto-renewal can be canceled anytime, but the ongoing subscription cycle cannot be refunded. That’s why it is important to complete the cancellation process before the next billing date. If you ‘ve subscribed to the service by mistake or did not manage to cancel your subscription in time and got charged again, please consider turning to your bank to apply for a chargeback. 

How to Stop the Recurring Payments?  

You can stop your subscription online only. To do so, you need to submit a request form at their official website. There is a cancellation form in a form of a questionnaire.