Cancel my membership Shootnstarz

A step-by-step guide to canceling 

Shootnstarz is a monthly subscription service offering access to its movie collection for a monthly fee. The service grants you can cancel at any time without incurring any additional charges. 

To stop your subscription to Shootnstarz, you’ll need your email address and password. Forgot either of these? Visit the {account_recovery_page}. 

Cancel Directly 

Your account page makes it easy to terminate your membership.  

  1. Go to Shootnstarz
  2. Sign in to My Account 
  3. Click Cancel Membership 

Shootnstarz will cancel your membership and send you a confirmation email. 

Can’t unsubscribe? 

Subscriptions for Shootnstarz can be terminated by filling out the cancellation form at Make sure you put “Cancel My Subscription” in the subject line.  

Once your membership is canceled, you can’t access your watch history and preferences. 

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