How to remove a subscription to LabVPN services

Many of those, who subscribe to the paid VPN services at, do it by mistake. Thus there arose a necessity of a detailed cancellation guide and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

Free trial period and charges 

If you sign up for LabVPN, you will be offered a free trial period to try out the VPN services before you actually have to pay for them. This is done so that you can estimate if the provided services are good enough for you. If you continue your subscription, you will be charged a monthly fee. Below, we will describe how to remove a subscription.

Cancellation procedure

If you want to stop your membership while you’re still on the trial period, you won’t have to pay for anything. In case you got already charged, you should cancel your subscription first, and then find out how to refund money. There are 2 methods of subscription cancellation available to you if you decide to leave LabVPN:

  1. by yourself in your account; or
  2. by sending a cancellation request to the support.


Cancellation in your account 


For a fast and safe cancellation process, do it through your account. Here’s how to remove a subscription to LabVPN services in case you want to do this yourself:

  • Log into your account on LabVPNwebsite;
  • Find ‘Account settings’;
  • Navigate to ‘Subscription type’ section;
  • Click ‘Cancel’  to proceed to the confirmation page and complete the cancellation.

You’ll know that your subscription has been successfully canceled when you see the corresponding message displayed on the screen.


Sending a cancellation request


Please, try the previous option before you contact customer support. If it somehow didn’t work out, you may apply for cancellation. Write an email on or call the service hotline and ask how to end your subscription or how to refund money. Both services are available 24/7 and free of charge. Once the cancellation is done, you’ll get a confirmation letter on your registered email.

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