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Shea Shea Bakery Bodycare Subscription Box

Sheas Bakery subscription boxes contain SheaMakery skincare & body treatment products (bathing foam, body wash, scrubs, creams, lotions, etc.) along with some accessories and edibles produced by other companies. Subscribers can preview the theme and the contents of each box.

Subscription Fees & Billing

How Much Am I Charged?

Shea Shea Bakery Box Subscription costs $19.55 per month + shipping and allows you to save a little money (compared to $23.00 for a one-time purchase). Each box includes:

  • 5 travel-size SheaMakery products,
  • at least 1 gift from the partner company, 
  • 1 full-size snack or beverage.

When Are The Payments Due?

Your card will be charged with the first subscription payment immediately at the checkout. After that, the charges will recur on the 5th of every subsequent month until you cancel.

What Are The Shipping Costs?

 Shipping costs and applied taxes are not included in the subscription price and will be calculated at the checkout. Bakery Boxes are delivered to your door within the second half of each month.

Can I Stop The Recurring Payments?

If you don’t want to receive your subscription boxes anymore, you must cancel your subscription as soon as possible, better before the next renewal date. Although SheaMackery’s return and refund policies are very loyal, this doesn’t apply to the subscription boxes. Email or call 321-263-1888 to find out more information about your refund options.

Cancellation Process
You can easily manage your subscription details, skip a month, and even cancel your subscription within your account on To make a cancellation:

Once your request is successfully processed, you will receive an e-mail verifying your cancellation. If you still need assistance, email the customer service team at