How To Refund Rocksbox?

Jewelry Rental Subscription is a jewelry subscription service allowing its customers to try on the products before buying them. Subscribers may keep and wear the jewelry for as long as they want, and then simply return it or buy the items they like to receive the next box.

Subscription Terms

Types Of Subscriptions 

  • Monthly Subscription: $21/month + tax (if applicable), recurring.
  • Gift Subscription: $49 (3 months), $99 (6 Months), or $189 (12 Months) + tax (if applicable), prepaid.

Shipping Fee

Shipping (including return shipping) on subscription orders is always free.

Trial Period

After the trial ends, your card will be charged for the next subscription term without any notice. If you cancel it early, you will get charged for the trial month, but there will be no charges thereafter.

Auto-Renewal & Billing

Monthly Subscriptions are renewed and rebilled to you each month on the day of the initial purchase. Gift Subscriptions are paid upfront, do not renew, and are not subject to cancellation or suspension.

Unsubscribing And Company’s Policies

If you want to cancel Rocksbox, you need to return the rented jewelry before the next billing date. Otherwise, the cancellation won’t come into effect and you will continue to be charged. Owners of Gift Subscriptions have to return the goods no later than 7 days after the subscription expires. 

Rocksbox does not refund subscription charges in any case. Your only option is a chargeback, but before doing this, make sure you’ve returned all the unpurchased items, as Rocksbox may implement legal action or turn to the collection agencies to get back the money for their goods.

How To Cancel Rocksbox Subscription

Rocksbox customer support professionals will get back to you within 2 working days after your request.