How To Cancel A Subscription And Get A Refund From VirtualPrivacy

Subscription Terms

Payments & Auto-renewal. The first week of VirtualPrivacy VPN service is free of charge, but after that, the subscription plan you’ve chosen comes into force and is extended automatically every month unless you cancel it. If you’re not ready to pay for VirtualPrivacy, you may wonder how to end a subscription.

Cancellation Procedure. VirtualPrivacy allows cancellation at any time. “Subscription term” is equal to one month and starts on the same day as your first payment is made. To stop using the service from the following term, you have to cancel your subscription before the current term comes to an end. Detailed info about the cancelation options you’ll find under “How To Stop My Subscription?”.

Getting The Money Back. After you find out how to end a subscription, you may wonder if you’re eligible to get a refund. If you for any reason want to get your money back, compose an email request within 60 days after the transaction you want to get refunded for and send it to

How To Stop My Subscription?

VirtualPrivacy Client Account 

Here you find the information on how to end a subscription by yourself just in few minutes:

  • Go to and log in;
  • In the account settings menu, find your subscription plan data;
  • Click ‘Cancel’ next to it and follow the given instructions.

Email Request 

To leave a cancellation request to VirtualPrivacy service team, do one of the following: 

  1. Fill in the required fields on one of the following pages: or; and click “Submit”. 
  2. Send an email to, using  “Stop My Subscription” in the title line.  

Please note that, until you get a confirmation of cancellation on your email, your VPN subscription would be still active. Feel free to call 442035141213 or 1-302-824-0109 for getting assistance or detailed info on how to end a subscription.

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