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Terms Of Service

Prices & Billing. The amount of money you must pay for SecureMinded VPN service depends on which subscription plan you’ve chosen during sign up, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. The fees in the amount of €17.95, €23.50, or €88.50 are applied after a 7-day trial period and withdrawn monthly. SecureMinded subscription is unlimited and extends automatically, so if paying for it is not your plan, in this article, you may learn how to remove subscription.

Unsubscribing Conditions. The good news is, the cancellation is possible anytime. It is important to complete the cancellation before the next billing date in order not to get charged once more. Detailed instructions on cancelation you can find below, in “How Do I Cancel My Subscription?”.

Refunds. Knowing how to remove subscription, you may wonder about the refund. SecureMinded provides refunds on applications made within 60 days after the transaction. All you have to do is to send a request to and wait for the confirmation.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

In SecureMinded Account 

Here’s how to remove subscription securely just in a few steps:

  • Click here and enter your info to log in;
  • Open the account settings menu;
  • Click ‘Cancel’ next to your subscription plan details; and
  • Go through the offered cancellation procedure.

By Submitting An Email Request 

Need assistance in cancellation? You may leave your request to SecureMinded customer support: 

  1. by filling out the ticket at or; or
  2. by sending an email:
  • compose an email using  “Cancel My Subscription” as a topic and 
  • send it to

Whatever option you prefer, once the cancellation is completed, you will get a confirmation email. If you’ve received no email, your subscription might still be active. Please, call +44-742-924-5190 or +1-201-228-9661 to get more information on how to remove subscription.

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