Ways and means to stop auto-renewal on FuelVPN

Have you read the forums on “how do you cancel subscriptions” and still don’t know where to start in your particular case? In this article, you will find everything that you could possibly want to know, plus a little more. 

Charges & refund services

As you have already chosen a subscription type on https://www2.fuelvpn.com/, you will get charged according to it automatically as soon as the trial period ends. If you don’t want to pay for it, you should end your membership on time. What if the money is already withdrawn? Learn how to refund on FuelVPN and cancel your subscription.

Cancellation of your membership plan

If you want to get your money back, this would be your first step. Below we give a detailed guide on how do you cancel subscriptions on FuelVPN. You can end your membership:

  • Via technical support channels or 
  • Via FuelVPN website

Let’s have a detailed look at both options.

Via technical support channels

If you need help, just send a request to support@fuelvpn.com and you will get it right away. There is also a service hotline, in case you have any questions on how to refund FuelVPN services.

Via FuelVPN website

In your account, you can easily end your membership by yourself. The cancellation process is fast and 100% safe. So, how do you cancel subscriptions to FuelVPN:

  • Log in to FuelVPN;
  • Navigate to ‘Account settings’ and find ‘Subscription type’ line;
  • Choose ‘Cancel’ on the left panel and confirm to complete the cancellation.


Once your membership is successfully canceled, you will see the corresponding message displayed on the screen or receive the confirmation letter by email, in case you have applied for customer support assistance. After that, you can continue logging in to your account and enjoying FuelVPN up until the last day of your billing cycle, or contact the above-mentioned support channels and find out how to refund the services and close your account. 

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