How To Stop Subscription Tasty Island Crate

Caribbean Snack Subscription Box

Tasty Island Crate is a company selling a variety of treats (such as biscuits, chips, dried fruits, etc.) from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad,  and other Caribbean countries. Their monthly subscription boxes are offered in 4 sizes and filled up with 5 to 20 snacks, that can not be found in your local store, and are basically healthier as the majority of treats produced by regular brands. 

Subscription Expenses Overview

How Much Is The Crate?

  • Island Crate Mini: $16.99 ( 5 snacks);
  • Island Crate Original: $27.99 (10 snacks);
  • Island Crate Large: $39.99 (15 snacks); 
  • Island Crate Jumbo: $49.99 (20 snacks). 

Your card will be charged with the subscription costs on a recurring monthly basis. Your billing date will be consistent with the day of the month you’ve made a subscription purchase.

Are There Any Shipping Costs?

Subscription boxes are shipped out monthly, within 48hours after the billing. There are no fees for delivery within the US, but crates shipped to Canada are charged $9 extra.

How To Stop The Recurring Charges

In order to avoid being billed for the subsequent month, try to cancel your subscription before the next billing date. See the next section to find out how to carry out a cancellation. Before applying for a refund, make sure your subscription is deactivated! To send a refund claim, email Tasty Island customer service at or fill out the ticket at their contact page

Cancellation Guide
You may cancel your Tasty Island Crate subscription online through your account on at any time:

  • Go to and enter your information to log in;
  • Locate the ‘Manage Subscription’ section, and
  • Click ‘Cancel’. 

If you experience any difficulties in the cancellation process, you are welcome to drop an email at to reach out to the customer support.