How To Stop Subscription Rose Post Box?

Rose-Themed Beauty Box

RosePost Box is a subscription service offering a quarterly delivery of cruelty-free organic rose-infused skincare & wellness products manufactured in the US, Canada, and Europe. Each subscription box includes 3 to 5 carefully selected full-size beauty products with a retail value of $75+. RosePost claims that the products they sell are organic, clean, and produced from top-quality eco-friendly ingredients. Occasionally, boxes may also contain rose-themed gifts and lifestyle items.

Recurring Fees

Subscription Plans & Prices

  • Quarterly Plan (1 shipment per quarter): $51.00 per box, billed quarterly; 
  • 6-Months Prepay (1 shipment per quarter): $94.00 ($47.00 per box), billed semi-annually;  
  • 12-Months Prepay (1 shipment per quarter): $180.00 ($45.00 per box) billed annually. 

Shipping Fees

RosePost Box offers free US shipping. Boxes shipped in Canada are charged $15.95 extra at a time. All applicable duties and taxes are to be paid by subscribers. 

Cancellation & Refund

RosePost Box is an auto-renewing subscription service. The day you subscribed to the service becomes your billing date. This means, that the charges to your card will reoccur automatically on that same day every 3,6, or 12 months (depending on your subscription plan) until you cancel your subscription. As the subscription charges are not subject to a refund, it is important to complete the cancellation before the upcoming billing date. RosePost doesn’t offer any refunds or exchanges on their subscription boxes. Once you get billed, you can neither get a refund for that payment nor return the unwanted boxes.

Unsubscribing From RosePost

If you want to stop the recurring charges:

  • Log in to your account at, locate your subscription info and click on the ‘Cancel’ button; or
  • Email with a request to cancel your subscription. 

Mind that even after the cancellation is done, you will still receive the boxes you have been already billed for.

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