How to stop your Craftiosity subscription

Craftiosity is a UK-based craft subscription service offering creative kits to try new technics and crafts. A subscriber gets a surprise box unless they preview the coming boxes on Instagram. Craftiosity make box subscription also helps to build up a collection of tools that can be used for the future project. As a rule, a Craftiosity subscription craft kit includes: 

– Information about the project on a large postcard 

– Materials and tools (you’ll only need a pencil and ruler) 

– A step-by-step guide 

– Online tutorials link 

– Some pinboard inspiration 

You will be guided through the process by written instructions, as well as photos and video tutorials. You can choose a 1-, 3-, 6- or 12-month subscription. 

The subscription fee starts from £24.95 a month. There is also a gift option at 

As soon as you purchase a subscription, your card will be charged that day, and then on the 21st of each following month thereafter. 

Shipping Details 

Craftiosity ships within the UK and internationally.  

In the UK delivery is free, while you will be charged additional £5.65 per box for the EU and £11.10 per box for New Zealand and Australia. The United States and Canada are not currently included in Craftiosity shipping policy. 

Refunding Policy 

Items that have been shipped on a subscription basis are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. You may request a refund within 14 days of the confirmation of your order receipt when a gift voucher has not been activated within 14 days of purchase or before the end of the calendar month in which it was purchased (whichever is earlier). To confirm the refund, please send an email to 

Cancellation Process 

Your subscription can be terminated at any time without any fees. A prepaid subscription will not auto-renew once the term expires, but paid boxes will continue to be shipped.  

You can cancel by one of the following ways: 

– emailing with the subject “cancellation” 

– logging in to your profile account at