How To Refund Plonk Wine Club

Wines From All Over The World

Plonk Wine Club is a membership program offering top-quality organic wines from the best domestic and international producers. Every shipment includes 4 or 12 bottles of premium wines (often limited-edition), wine reviews, and food pairing recommendations. There are 3 membership types:

  • White Wine Club,
  • Red Wine Club, and
  • Mixed Wine Club (a mix of red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine).

All Club members receive a professional corkscrew as a gift together with their first order. 

Membership Expenses

Billing Frequency Options & Charges

4 Bottle Box:

  • Monthly Membership: $110 (renews monthly);
  • 3-Months Prepaid Membership: $330 one-off;
  • 6-Months Prepaid Membership: $660 one-off;
  • 12-Months Prepaid Membership: $1,320 one-off.

12 Bottle Box:

  • Monthly Membership: 285 per month (renews monthly);
  • Quarterly Membership: $285 per quarter (renews quarterly).


Plonk Wine Club grants free US shipping. The boxes are dispatched during the first week of each month or each quarter, depending on your membership type.

Refund Policy And Returns

Membership charges are always paid upfront and, according to the information provided on, are non-refundable. Once the ongoing subscription term comes to an end, your membership will be automatically extended. To opt-out of automatic charges, you‘ll have to cancel your membership. 

Club members may return the unopened wines and potentially get a refund for them. To learn more about the company’s policies, please call 1-877-50-75665 or email If you want to get a full refund, it would be better for you to apply for a chargeback at your bank.

Membership Cancellation 

If you want to quit your club membership, you have to get in touch with Plonk Wine Club by email:

or phone:

at any time and they will make a cancellation for you. 

Make sure to request a cancellation at least seven working days before the scheduled auto-renewal.