How To Stop Subscription PlugCrate

Premium Quality Plugs & Tunnels 

PlugCrate subscribers receive a new pair of plugs, tunnels, or a new belly ring every month. Products featured in PlugCrate Boxes are sourced from all over the world to provide the customers with the most trendy and exclusive body jewelry. Plugs are offered in multiple sizes (from 5 to 51 mm) and in the masculine, feminine, or mixed designs.

What Are The Fees?

Subscription Plans & Billing Options

  • The Plug Crate Subscription: $26.99/month (5-25mm plugs);
  • Mystery Mailer (5-25 mm plugs)/ Large Size Mystery Mailer Subscription (28-51mm plugs): $17.99/month;
  • Belly Ring Mailer Subscription: $13.99/month.

PlugCrate offers 3,6,12 month prepay options at a discounted price.

Shipping, Customs Fees & Taxes

PlugCrate ships to the US, Canada, and Europe. Shipping charges and additional fees, such as duties and taxes, are not included in the subscription price and are calculated according to the destination address. However, US customers can save a little money by purchasing a yearly free shipping membership for just $17.99 per year. 

How To Stop The Subscription Auto-Renewal?

All PlugCrate subscriptions, including Gift subscriptions, are automatically renewed. Monthly subscriptions renew on the 1st of each month. Prepaid Subscriptions renew every 3, 6, or 12 months for the same term. That’s why it is important to place your cancellation before the 1st of the month your subscription is going to renew.

The Plug Crate doesn’t accept returns for sanitary reasons. Refunds are possible, but only within 24 hours from the subscription purchase. There are no partial refunds for the remaining months in case of the early cancellation of a prepaid subscription.

Unsubscribing From PlugCrate

You can easily cancel your subscription in one of the following ways: