How To Remove A Subscription Hey Horti

House Plant Subscription For Beginners

HeyHorty is a subscription service designed specifically for those who are new to planting. Each subscription box includes a plant in a pot of your choice along with detailed maintenance instructions. At first, subscribers receive only easy-to-care plants. Then, month after month, they are introduced to more temperamental species.

Fees & Charges

Subscription Plans

  • Horti White Subscription (1 plant in a white clay pot): 
    • $24.00/month (NYC);
    • $25.00/month (other US locations).
  • Horti Multi Subscription (1 plant in a colored clay pot):
    • $28.00/month (NYC); 
    • $30.00/month (other US locations).
  • Plain Terracotta Plan (1 plant in an unpainted clay pot); 
    • $18.00/month (NYC);
    • $20.00/month (other US locations).
  • 2 Naked Plants Plan (2 plants in plastic growing pots): 
    • $22.00/month (NYC);
    • $25.00/month (other US locations).


Subscribers located in NYC may select whether they want to pick up their plants by themselves or have them delivered to their door. Delivery within the NYC area will cost you $10/ box. Shipping to other US destinations is calculated at the checkout.

How To Cancel The Monthly Payments

To opt out of all future payments, you’ll have to remove your Hey Horti subscription before it renews. The subscription renewal date is different for NYC subscribers, and those living in other areas. NYC subscribers can expect their subscriptions to renew on the 1st of each month. Other subscribers will be billed on the 15th of each month instead. Mind that once the payment is made, you won’t be able to cancel the upcoming order.

Making Changes To Your Subscription Plan

You can manage your subscription through your account on To cancel your plan:

  • Sign in;
  • Locate “Manage Subscriptions” and click on it;
  • Click “Cancel” and confirm the action.

If you’ve never logged into your account and don’t know how to do this, please contact customer support by email at to apply for assistance.