How To Refund Amoire Style

Women’s Clothing Rental Subscription

Armoire subscribers get access to the trendiest apparel from the top-quality brands and can select the items they get by themselves. It is not only a rental service, you can also buy the items you like. There are 3 types of subscriptions to choose from, based on your budget. You get the first month of your subscription at a discounted price. If you won’t cancel your subscription during the trial month, it will renew and you will get charged in full for every subsequent month.

What Is The Subscription Fee?

Subscription Plans

  • 4-Item Capsule Subscription: $79.00 per month ($49.00 for the 1st month), 4 items in each box, shipped monthly
  • 7-Item Capsule Subscription: $119.00 per month ($59.00 for the 1st month), 7 items in each box, shipped monthly
  • Unlimited Subscription: $149.00 per month ($69.00 for the 1st month),  4 items in each box, unlimited shipping

Subscribers may also switch to prepay option to save up to $193.00 per year.

Shipping Terms

Shipping charges (both ways) are already included in the subscription price, there are no extra fees. 

How To Stop Your Subscription And Get A Refund?

You will get initially charged on the day you initially subscribe. After that, your subscription will renew automatically every month (unless you switch to a prepaid option). The day when your subscription renews is your billing day. Make sure to cancel your subscription at least 3 days before the next billing date in order to avoid charges. Subscription charges. as well as the price of the purchased items, are nonrefundable. This means, Armoir doesn’t issue any refunds to its subscribers, but you can still turn to your bank for a chargeback.

Step By Step Unsubscribing Guide

Any time you want to cancel your subscription:

If any problem occurs, you can get in touch with customer support by email: