How to remove a Tea Runners subscription

What does Tea Runners offer? 

Tea Runners is a service that caters loose leaf teas, along with brewing instructions and tasting notes, delivered to their customers’ doors. With over 15+ selections to choose from every month, Tea runners promises you can truly customize your experience. There are a number of teas the Tea Runners company ships from companies that have won awards from the Global Tea Championship Awards, and almost all of the others are from these award-winning producers.  There are four different boxes to choose from, and three different delivery schedules to fit the shipment to your schedule: 

– Tea Runners Original Box 

– Pure Tea Box 

– All Black Tea Box 

– Herbal Tea Box 

The price of your top shelf quality box of teas depends on the type of your subscription, ranging from $21.25 to $30 per box. There are also bi-monthly and tri-monthly subscription options.  

On the 25th of each month, they announce the teas for the following month at 

Shipping Policy 

Tea runners’ subscription boxes are delivered worldwide. 

The subscription of Tea Runners covers the shipping costs for US and Canada. A regular international shipping fee is $8 per box. The shipments are usually made around the 5th and 6th of every month. A tracking link is usually emailed. Public holidays can affect ship dates in a minor way. 

Refunds and Returns 

It is possible for you to cancel your Tea Runners membership at any time. When cancelling a three-, six-, or twelve-month service, you will get a refund according to the monthly rate if you do so before the end of the term. 

How to stop my subscription? 

In order to stop reoccurring billing, you need to cancel your subscription. In order to do so, follow these steps: 

– Log in to your Tea Runners Account 

– Locate Cancel button 

– Click Cancel Subscription 

If you have problems with cancellation online, try to get to the customer support service at The process of cancellation and refunding depends on type of subscription and the day you initiate it.