How To Remove A Subscription Revel Wine Club

Organic Wine Subscription

Revel Club is a membership program for wine enthusiasts. It offers a selection of no-sulfite and low-calorie wines produced by trusted brands from organically grown grapes. Club members are entitled to choose the type and the amount of wine they would like to receive, as well as the frequency of shipments.

How Are The Costs Calculated?

Wine Prices

The price of each box ranges from $52 to $144 and depends on:

  • your preferences (e.g. organic, no-sulfite, etc.);
  • wine type ( white, red, mix);
  • number of bottles in package ( 4, 6, or 12);
  • frequency of shipping (every 1, 2, or 3 months).

Delivery Fees

Revel Wine club grants free standard shipping on orders of 12 bottles. A flat-rate fee of $10 will be charged on the smaller packages. There may occur additional fees for tracked shipping or taxes depending on the delivery location. The final delivery cost is calculated at the checkout and displayed in your account.


When you join the Revel Club, you should be aware that your membership will renew automatically according to the chosen shipping frequency. It can be canceled or suspended anytime you like.

How To Deal With A Strict Refund Policy?

Apply to the Revel Club customer support during 14 days upon receipt of your package if you’re not satisfied with the wines or the services provided. You are either gonna get your money back, or gonna be offered to credit you this money on your next shipment. If you don’t want to make any orders in the future:

  • cancel your subscription at least 48 hours prior to the next billing, 
  • turn to the Revel Wine Club with a refund request, or 
  • apply for a chargeback at your bank.

Revel Club Membership Cancellation
You may edit your preferences from month to month, skip a shipment, or stop your membership on whenever you want to. Cancellation is currently possible only through the phone. To talk to Revel Wine Club representative, please call 1-855-738-3592.