How To Remove A Subscription Wantable

Personal Styling Subscription 

Wantable subscribers receive 7 clothing items based on their price and style preferences as often as they want. They can try on the clothes, keep the items they like and send back the rest. There are 3 types of subscription boxes: 

  • Style (latest fashion), 
  • Active (sports- and loungewear), and 
  • Men’s Active. 

Subscription Expences

Pricing Policy

The amount of money you pay for each package depends on the number of items you decide to keep and the price of each item in particular. The typical price of an item featured in Wantabe Style Subscription is $ 50 to $100, in Active/Men’s Active Subscription Box – $40 to $70. If you keep more than 5 items from the package, you’ll get a 20% discount.

Shipping & Handling 

Wantable grants free shipping on all orders, returns, and exchanges within the US, but there is a $20 handling fee withdrawn from your card automatically before your package is shipped out.

Returns & Cancellations

You may return the items (or even the whole package) within 5 days on receipt and, provided that they are unworn and undamaged, you won’t be charged for anything except handling (styling fee). The styling fee is not subject to a refund. If you subscribed to Wantable by mistake and want to get the styling fee refunded, apply to your bank for a chargeback.

To stop the recurring payments, you must cancel your subscription. After the cancellation, the new orders will not be processed but if there are any pending orders, you need to contact Wantable as soon as possible to cancel the shipment. You can easily get in touch with their customer service through email  or phone 855 926 8225

How To Cancel Wantable

 You can cancel Wantable subscription through your account on

  • While logged into your account, go to ‘Your Plans’ page; 
  • Locate the ‘Order Frequency’ button, click on the edit icon, and
  • Select ‘Cancel’.

If you need assistance, contact the Wantable customer support.