How to refund Secret Scent Box

Discover New Fragrances Monthly

Secret Scent Box sends its subscribers a monthly perfume box of discovery style. The service selects new designer & branded scents for women or men. Every month you receive a box containing 3 spray bottles, 9 ml in total. Secret Scent Box promises to supply 100% authentic perfume products sourced from authorized vendors and repackaged into smaller bottles.

Membership Related Expenses

There are 3 subscription types at to choose from:

  • Women’s Secret Scent Box;
  • Men’s Secret Scent Box;
  • Gift Secret Scent Box (either a men’s or a women’s box can be picked).

Monthly fees vary depending on the selected duration of the subscription plan:

  • 1 month; £15 per month (billing recurring monthly);
  • 6 months; £14 per month (billing recurring every 6 months);
  • 12 months; £13 per month (billing recurring annually);

Shipping Terms and Charges

Secret Scent Box ships worldwide free of charge. The boxes are shipped of on the 7th of each month or next working day in case the 7th falls on a weekend. The day of delivery can vary for the subscribers living outside UK, whereas the shipments within the UK are normally delivered around the 10th. The fee for a subscription is charged on the 27th of each month or every 6 or 12 months depending on the type of your plan.

Unsubscribing & Getting A Refund

Returns or refunds are available only for the subscribers of 6- or 12-month plans. To get one a subscriber needs to send a request no later than a fortnight after receiving their first shipment. The box and items must be returned new and unpacked. If the request is submitted after the above-mentioned period, no refund is available.

Cancellation Process:

  • Send an email to contact the Customer Support team;
  • State your name and the email address used for signing up;
  • Wait for your request to be processed (normally within 1-2 business days).

Make sure to complete the cancellation process prior to the next billing cycle to not get charged once again. For this purpose, request a cancellation before the 27th of the ongoing month.