How to remove a Guitar Shop Tees subscription

There is a brand-new T-shirt club on the block called GUITAR SHOP TEES, which was created and designed specifically for guitarists, fans and collectors of guitars. There are a number of notable stores come direct to your door, some of which are known for their role in the history of music, their killer vintage collections, and for the fact that they are on every guitarist’s pilgrimage list as a must-see. 

The process of becoming a member of this clothing subscription is simple. The Guitar shop tees lets you choose your package, your size, and make your payment at There are different subscription plans: 

– The Month-to-Month plan starts at $25 per month 

–  The Three-Month package is $22 per T-shirt, $66 total 

– The Six-Month package is $22 per shirt PLUS you get one FREE T-shirt, $132 total 

– The Twelve-Month package is $22 per shirt PLUS you get 2 FREE T-shirts, $264 total. 

The pre-raid subscription plans don’t renew after the T-shirt subscription period is over.  

Shipping Terms 

Guitar Shop Tees clothing subscription delivers its tees globally. An additional $10 shipping per month will be billed for the orders outside the US. 

The USPS will deliver monthly subscribers’ packages by the end of the first week/beginning of the second week. Memberships for three, six, and twelve months are sent as close to the beginning of each month as possible. 

Refunding Policy 

It is not possible to return or exchange items that have already been shipped. If you are not satisfied with the shirt size for your subscription shipments, email at with the request and the customer support team will update it for future subscription shipments. You can’t refund guitar shop tees online. 

Cancellation Policy 

To cancel your membership, please send an email to and provide the email address you used to sign up. The cancellation will take effect at the time of your next renewal.