How To Refund Unbox Boardom

UnboxBoardom Board Games Subscription offers board games of all kinds both for adults and children. No matter which type of membership you choose, you will receive one game with a retail value of about $35 each month. Subscribers are also entitled to choose which game they want to receive next, however, they may also rely on Unboxboardom subscription curators and let the game be chosen for them. 

Membership Types And Pricing

How Much Am I Charged?

  • Monthly Membership: $33.99 per month + $5 shipping 
  • Yearly Membership: ~$431.90/year one-off (~$30.99 per month + yearly shipping costs) 

How Does My Membership Renew?

UnboxBoardom Membership Plans renew automatically every month or every year, depending on the membership type and do not expire unless you cancel them. 

How Do I Calculate Shipping Costs?

Unboxboardom currently ships within the US only. The shipping fee is fixed and equals to $5 per box. Shipping costs are added to your subscription price at the checkout.

How To Stop The Auto-Renewal And Get a Refund?

As you sign up for the UnboxBoardom subscription service, you authorize them to charge your payment method every month or year depending on which membership plan you choose. Nevertheless, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want to, return the unused games in the original packaging within 7 days upon receipt and request a refund for them. To apply for a return or a refund, contact UnboxBoardom by email at  

How Can I Carry Out A Cancellation?

  • Get in touch with the support team by email
  • Provide your customer account information;
  • Let the UnboxBoardom professionals do a cancellation for you;
  • Apply for a return or refund if needed.

Monthly Memberships can be canceled anytime. Prepaid Yearly Memberships will continue to be active until the end of the prepaid period. This means you will continue to receive boxes every month until the end of the period you already paid for.